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10 May 2015 @ 11:45 am
[Fan Report] KAT-TUN Quarter in Tokyo Dome 05.09.2015  
No emotions included. Just plain enumeration of what I can remember.

My concert reports from KAT-TUN's Quarter Live (May 9 performance) and a bit of my thoughts on it at the end:

- It started with a VTR of the members each holding a piece of broken mirror. The VTR has the same feel as the Dead or Alive PV

- KAT-TUN appeared from different parts of the venue as a start. Hyphens were asked to shout their names as a cheer for the start of the con

- First song performed was KISS KISS KISS with their sexy dancing

- The concert has four "themes" apparently representing each member. For easy reference, I will refer it as "Production"

Kamenashi Production:

- The intro was very 1582-ish (wherein at that time I am seriously freakingb out) and then Kame appeared with his costume from 1582 (including the mask and the huge fan) only with more stuff on it (fur and all). The other members appeared too with their fabulous costumes!

- More into the costume: it's a mix of traditional Japanese clothing with a western style mix. It's like the idea of the Katsumode fanevent goods shoot but their costumes for the performance were edgier. It's all extravagant!

- They performed with swords next and they danced with it awesomely even with some stunts. They had a sword fight (duo) and their swords were broken into two which turned out to be Taiko drum sticks

- All of them performed the dance with the big fan and then they performed with a Taiko (traditional Japanese drums) with choreography together with the juniors.

- Sang GOLD and then kusabi which was re-arranged to have a mix of a Japanese traditional tune. It was O.O

- Sang Lovin U while chilling with paper umbrellas. Beautiful.

- Kamenashi went inside the "norimono" (an old style means of transportation in Japan used by the elite) after the performance

Ueda Production:

- His Production was more on the Rock feel. Ueda first went out of the "norimono" (replacing Kamenashi) WEARING SUNGLASSES AND WITH A CIGARETTE AND HE WAS SO HOT I CANT SKDHKSHSKSHSHz. He threw the cigarette to the norimono and it caught fire

- He did arm movements while on stage that has an effect of him breaking stuff (shown on screen). He started off singing Rescue.

- For this part, they sang bits of Star Rider, Phoenix, GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME and Fire and Ice so just imagine the audience going mental with that combo

Taguchi Production:

- This part is more of a dance genre

- Taguchi appeared on stage dancing to a voiceless version of Flash. Other members appeared also dancing the voiceless chorus of Flash. IT WAS OVERWHELMING!!

- They performed Love Yourself also re-areanged with a good mix of R&B

- KAT-TUN doing an awesomely crazy medley (or more like singing four different songs all at the same time) with Kame singing come Here, Ueda singing GIMME LUV, Nakamaru singing D-Motion and Taguchi singing LOVE. IT WAS FANTASTIC

- They sang Radio. That already defined the tears on my eyes

Nakamaru Production:

- It's Nakamaru's beatbox corner. He didn't say anything but his conversation with the fans was written as subtitle on screen. He's acting all these funny faces which were sooooo cute!

- While doing his beatbox, the sounds made were given it's hiragana/katakana counterpart so it's like even his beatbox sound was subtitled. It was hilarious!

- And it seems the game they played during countdown (where the members will sing a song of the other member) was a huge success, they decided to do it again with these combo

Taguchi singing AOL: HE WENT TOPLESS AND AND HE KNOWS THE CHOREOGRAPHY EVEN THE HIP THRUSTS!! After that, he showed his back, looked back, and flexed his arm muscles. I forgot to breath then I dont know what happened next I'm sorry

Kamenashi singing Samurai Love Attack: He didn't enjoy it one bit lol

Nakamaru singing Emerald: He was holding a gem (apparently that's the "Emerald") while singing the song

Ueda singing Creacent: He was given a bun and started eating it. At the end of the song, he showed his crescent-shaped bun which apparently was suppose to represent the "Crescent"

- Next part would be everyone singing Real Face like in a karaoke. So they made a PV (or more like those background videos you see on tv at karaoke bars) of Real Face. They filmed it the night before outside Tokyo Dome. THE VIDEO WAS EXTREMELY FUNNY. There was Nakamaru's attempt to get inside the rotating (?) doors which he cant, all of them doing funny choreography looking all smug and serious, NaKame getting on a fight (with faces or lips almost touching each other), climbing up stairs on the edge and all of those scenes with the "ギリギリ" hand-written on paper

- They sang their KAT-TUN Shuffle songs: ありがとう and キラリト

- Ray was such an amazing performance complete with fantastic choreography, fireworks, flamethrowers and awesome costumes!

- Encore: 4U, Peaceful Days and Atsukunare

- Credit video was good too. There was this part when Taguchi and Nakamaru we're acting funny and Kame too as he plays with his sword

Just want to add a short thought about this concert:

Compared to their previous concert, this is definitely on a higher level. come Here concert was pretty boring for me. Nothing that I've seen before.

The Quarter con, though, featured their strengths in four different parts. It also showed that KAT-TUN is a diverse group ready to take on several images and take on their performances and music. I liked that thought a lot together with the themes perfect for every member (Japanesque for Kamenashi, Rock for Ueda, Digital for Taguchi and Shuffle for Nakamaru).

Production-wise, I am very satisfied. I would prefer them to go higher up (flying or whatnot) to make it more awesome but their stage set-up is already good especially the Japanesque part.

I definitely enjoyed the not-trying-hard attempt of KAT-TUN to "chain" the fans. They obviously gave a lot of thought on making the Hyphens special in any way and I really appreciate that. Also, this time, it's very subtle just how KAT-TUN always is. Loving each other but not directly expressive about it. I think by now they already get that the Hyphens will be with them whatever happens. We've been through a lot already. Those who stayed will continue to stay. No need to make it all prominent. As long as they know and we know, that's enough.

Also, I became very clingy (more than usual) to the last concert (May 10). Maybe because of the awkward send-off they gave us looking like they/re about to spill something not pleasant and also due to the fact that Taguchi cried. Everyone's on the edge.

So that's about it. Let me reiterate that I am never good at fan reports so if you're expecting details, those I really can't give. But I'm trying my best. :)

And just as a memory of this fun event, here's my picture with my girls after the con. :)

kamellikamelli on May 30th, 2015 02:40 am (UTC)
Nah. The 10th concert is still better than the 9th. It's just the shuffle part. :) that means we'll get to see a good one. I'm telling you, it will be worth the money
kurox3kurox3 on June 11th, 2015 07:23 pm (UTC)
:D well i think anything connected to KT wont be a waste of money
i hope we get the DVD sooon xD